One of the biggest mistakes businesses do, and thus losing out on major market shares and NEW business, is to not grow with market trends and times.

With an always expanding commercial world, you and your business need to constantly fight for a place in the sun and this can be done in several ways…

  • Is your business being seen?
    • How effective is your marketing?  Do people respond to your social media posts?  Do you get inquiries from your adverts?
  • How effective is my logo and stationary (ie letterheads, signatures etc)
    • Do you realize that your LOGO is the first thing people and potential clients see?  It is a very well known fact that people make assumptions from what they see… They judge the book by it’s cover… Simply because a logo looks good to you personally, does not mean it would be aesthetically pleasing to the people who could potentially be your client.
  • What can YOU do to get your profits up, get more clients and grow your market share?
    • Re-evaluate exactly what you are paying for…  Are you paying an arm and a leg for an ineffective website?
    • Do you pay extreme salaries to Marketing Managers who still hold on to historical ways of promoting you business, or can you not afford to employ someone who could maintain this side of your business?

In the last 100 years, technology has grown more than it has in the 2000 years before.  This is because people have become more savvy.  With this change in people’s behavior, it has grown more imperative to make sure you stay on top of market trends.  It is more important to reevaluate and update your Brand now than ever before.  Gone are the days where people were loyal to life long business associates.  With the drop in our economy, people have realized that they have to also shop around to get the best service and best prices.   We have, in certain ways, gone back to the prehistoric times of thinking, where survival is key.  You have to put your business first.  By losing focus and not willing to change for the future, chances of losing everything becomes the ugly reality.


Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is Old, whether twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.  The greatest thing in Life is to keep your mind young”, so why should it be any different for your business?

“Let EP Digital take the guess work out of how to make your business grow.  With more than 10 Years experience in the Entertainment and corporate worlds, we know what works.  We make it our business to keep up to date with market trends within your individual industries.  At a faction of the cost of hiring your own Marketing Manager, you cannot afford to not use us to market your business.  Your Brand is our Brand… that is the slogan that will take your business to the next level” – Emanuel Pietersen, CEO/Creative Director (EP Digital)