Capturing amazing memories such as weddings have always been a passion for EP Digital South Africa.  It seems lately that couples like to think outside the box when it comes to their videography and photography on their special day.

There are a few mistakes the new bridal couple need to try and avoid though.  Never rely on your guests to take photos on your behalf.  This is the biggest mistake people make to save money.  Reasons why this is such a bad idea are listed below:

  • Your guests will never have a clear view of the ceremony.  By sitting behind the bridal couple, they miss crucial moments which you would want on film.  You get one chance at this, and fact is you want to get it right.
  • Everyone thinks they are a world class photographer or videographer, but these are two skills that take years and a very keen eye to master.  If you want shaky, blurry and noisy images, then ask your guests to take photos and videos with their phones.
  • Imagine the noise if all your guests take photos and walk around the ceremony at the same time.    This is the moment you have waited for all your life, don’t let it get spoiled by disruptions during the important moments
  • It might seem like a great idea, but in 10 years from now when you want to reminiscence and you are looking through your wedding album only to realize there are very few (if any) quality photos, you will have endless regrets.

Another mistake Bridal Couples make is to not have their wedding filmed.  In a study 86 % of all bridal couples say that the video of their wedding have more importance than their photos.  The saying that a picture speaks a thousand words became null and void the moment a person picked up a video camera to film it.  With a video you get to experience every single emotion from the day, over and over.  a Good Videographer will make sure they capture even the small moments.  In 20 Years from now when you look at photos you will have a glimpse of how the day was,  when you look at the video, you will see and hear every emotion.

If you cant afford a photographer and a videographer, an idea could be to ask your guests to give you money to pay for the services rather than wedding gifts.

Should you want us to quote on a package for you, feel free to contact us on or 061 472 8857.  Or simply fill in below contact form and we will contact you back with a detailed quote.

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